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Interview Guide Checklist

This is a very valuable checklist for employers in conducting successful interviews and ensuring the most suitable candidates are allocated to available jobs. 

This convenient checklist provides employers with all the essential steps that must be conducted during the interview process.

If you need to interview in your workplace, but are never sure if you have covered everything, this checklist will help you.

Used in conjunction with our Top Interview Questions, you will always be prepared  when you are an interviewer.

Price: $10.00


Recruitment Checklist

Want to do your own recruiting … grrrr – we don’t want to know! But seriously if you want to have a go on your own, without our experience, database of over 8000, tools and expertise, then you definitely need this checklist to steer you in the right direction. 

This checklist very conveniently acts as a ‘warning list’ and involves a set of prompts to help flag employee incompetencies. 

It is applicable to each stage of the recruitment process and assists in detecting possible issues that may require further investigation to ensure a massive and costly mistake is not made.

Really, you are better off speaking to us, but if you must – this is the checklist for you!

Price: $15.00


Reference Checklist

So you have been asked to check someone’s references and do not know where to start?

Many people come to Nine2Three to ask us to do this for them on a low hourly rate – that way, you know they are done correctly and by consultants with vast experience who specialize in recruitment and reference checking.

Conducting reference checks after interviewing an employee is a very important stage of the recruitment process and helps to not only verify the employee’s credentials and check their qualifications, but can also reveal some very important information in helping to decipher their suitability for a new role.  

If you have to complete this task on your own, this checklist includes suggested questions and will guide you to maximize the success and effectiveness of your reference checks.

Price: $19.95

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