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Work Health & Safety and Induction

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Ergonomics Checklist

Have you ever wondered if your workplace is compliant in terms of your furniture, workstations and computers?

Ever had a worker complain about a desk, chair or screen?

Workplace ergonomics refers to how a work environment and the equipment used there can be designed to maximize comfort, efficiency, safety, enhance overall productivity and reduce the risk of injury. 

This checklist will assist you in addressing the ergonomic issues in your workplace by assessing the setup of each individual workstation in the workplace. 

Protect your staff, yourself and your business with the Ergonomics Checklist.

Price: $15.00


Fatigue Management Checklist

This checklist is designed to assist employers in identifying the key areas that need to be addressed when implementing a fatigue management system. 

Particular attention is paid to the contributing factors associated with the risks that are involved in shiftwork operations and driving long distances.

Covering areas such as Work Scheduling and Planning, Mental and physical work demands, Working time, Risk Factors and Environmental conditions among other items, this checklist will assist you to look after your staff, reduce fatigue, increase safety and health and well being  of employees with your business.

Price: $15.00


First Aid Planning Checklist

This checklist will assist employers in assessing the first aid needs of the workplace.

This is an essential tool in working to reduce the risk of workplace injury and ensuring compliance with the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011.

Understanding the type of work  performed in your business, the possible injuries and hazards along with thought provoking questions, will assist you to plan an effective policy for the management of your first aid in the workplace.

Price: $15.00


Manual Handling/Manual Tasks Checklist

Use this checklist as a guide to assessing the risks associated with manual handling. 

This checklist will help employers in identifying manual handling issues in the workplace and reducing the risk of injuries, thus assisting to ensure compliance with the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011.

Giving you examples of manual task risk factor scenarios, forces and loads, including looking at areas as diverse as vibration and thermal environments,  working through this checklist will ensure you think through all possible scenarios and develop a safe workplace with staff who understand the risks are have been trained to alleviate them.

Price: $19.95


Off-Site Induction Checklist

This checklist can be very useful in ensuring any off-site employees are fully aware of all the site safety rules and Work, Health and Safety measures at the site. 

This may include for instance, emergency arrangements, first aid facilities and much more. 

This checklist should be used as part of the employee’s induction into the off-site workplace.

It will identify supervisors and reporting lines as well as evacuation and risk assessment.

This tool will ensure that you do not miss anything when inducting your workers who will be working in another location.

Price: $15.00


Noise Identification Checklist

Use this checklist to help address all the noise issues in a workplace and reduce the risk of illness or injury as a result of excessive noise. 

This checklist should be completed for all noisy tasks, all plant and equipment – and employees should be consulted during this process.

This Checklist will help you to identify noisy areas and equipment, understand the peak decibels allowed and develop an action plan to reduce noise levels in your workplace.

Price: $15.00


Personal Protective Equipment Checklist

This is a useful checklist for employers in identifying the necessary protective equipment and clothing to perform a job safely. 

By utilizing this checklist, you can ensure your business effectively controls workplace hazards and remains compliant with all legal requirements concerning workplace health and safety.

This tool looks at the selection of Personal Protective Equipment, Supervision and the potential hazards that would require Personal Protective Equipment.

Price: $15.00


Plant Risk Assessment Checklist

This is a useful checklist for employers in identifying and managing all plant issues in workplace. 

By utilizing this checklist, you can ensure your business reduces the risk of injury by controlling all workplace hazards and remaining compliant with all legal requirements concerning workplace health and safety.

Prompting you to look at items such as machine guards, stop switches, confinement, inspections and risk assessments, following  this comprehensive checklist will ensure that your plant and equipment are maintained and your workers protected.

Price: $15.00


WHS Documents Checklist

Ever wonder exactly what sort of documentation you should have around your Work, Health and Safety?

You may have a policy, but what else should you have?

This is a convenient checklist to confirm your business has all the necessary Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) documents and continues to comply with its legal WHS obligations.

Working from this checklist, you will be able to standardize your WHS documentation and  processes.

Price: $15.00


WHS Pre-Purchase Checklist

Is your business looking at purchasing or leasing some major plant or equipment?

Do you need to design a Work Health and Safety Procedure and processes?

Do you need to assess whether this piece of equipment will be able to be utilized by your staff?

Use this checklist to determine what information is required in conducting the pre-purchase risk assessment for the equipment. 

This checklist is a useful tool to be used in the risk assessment process and should be used in conjunction with the Plant Risk Assessment checklist. 

Price: $19.95


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